Danu Essentials

I’m passionate about helping brands get off the ground and put their best foot forward. When Jenny from Danu Essentials reached out to me I was very excited I got to help build the visual component of her brand with her. After talking about the product we decided the best way to show it off was to feature the ingredients that were inside. I can say that the studio smelled wonderful the whole time I was shooting. It was like working and having an aromatherapy session at the same time, definitely one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve had while shooting stylized ecom images. I can’t wait for our next shoot coming in July!


Shooting for O’neill Wine has been great, they have so many different brands with different personalities you can never get bored. In this last shoot I focused on “Brandy Lab” a retro-futuristic brand steeped in heritage and distilled with love. The still they use to make the brandy was once used to create Jet Fuel back in World War 2 and it’s a copper piece of Art that scales up to three stories in their facility. Getting to talk with the brandy maker and seeing the processes they go through to make this truly unique spirit was a treat. I’m always such a nerd for the “how’s it made” podcasts and youtube shows. I can’t wait to see what brand I get to shoot for O’neill next.

Brandy in spirit house sitting on a pallet
Brandy in front of machine that is for distilling
Head Distiller standing in front of Still for Brandy Lab
Brandy in front of still

Day Owl Rose All Day

I’ve been shooting a lot more alcohol and beverage brands lately and it’s been a really positive experience. It seems I’ve stumbled into a great niche, where my technical product photography knowledge and my fun lifestyle imagery can be perfectly married into one category. Needless to say, I’ve been loving all the shoots.

This most recent campaign I shot for Day Owl Rose. Their direction was classy and moody with hints of sunshine throughout. I really liked the direction and I think the shots turned out great as well!

Day Owl Rose
Day Owl Rose
Day Owl Rose
Sunlight coming through reflecting
Day Owl

New YouTube Product Photography Video

I’d never have thought that after only making three videos in two years and have less than 1000 subs on YouTube that I would attract a company to do sponsored content, but I was wrong. It was the best sponsor I could have ever hoped for. Boris FX, a company mostly known for their aftermarket video effects (that can be seen on all the Marvel Films!) asked me to test drive their new software for photographers called Optics. I always love trying out new technology so I agreed to play around with it and make a video after getting the hang of the program a bit more.

Watch Photography for YouTube Video

The results came through and I love the program, and the test photo I shot for the video. I wasn’t the only one who thought it was pretty cool too. The good people over at PetaPixle (my favorite photoblog) wanted me to write a little piece to be published on their site. Here is a link to the Article or Watch the Video Below. You can also see the first time I was published on PetaPixle here

A Rebrand for Key Cannabis

Who doesn’t love miniworlds?! When doing the art direction and execution for Key Cannabis’s rebrand it all started off with one phase “Unlock your mind.” I didn’t want Key to look like any other brand on the market. I didn’t want to use classic stoner troupes or really any visual language that the majority of cannabis brands rely on. Because let’s face it, if there’s one industry that could use a rebrand in general, it’s cannabis.

This industry is steeped in cliches and stigma and I wanted to rise above it to create something beautiful and thought-provoking. Like slipping into a new book. I am so proud of this work and I invite you to step into my miniworlds. I hope you find it relaxing, and whimsical. Just like if you tried the product.

Key Cannabis
Key Cannabis
Key Cannabis
Key Cannabis
Key Cannabis
Key Cannabis

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