I awoke to look outside my window and thought that it was 5AM. I thought I must have set my alarm wrong but no, it was just the apocalypse and in a strange but sad way, it was really beautiful. So I hopped on my phone and texted my friends who run a next level clothing company Saw-USA and asked if they would like to venture out there and make something beautiful with me. One thing that you can say about my creative friends if there’s an opportunity to create something they will. With almost no time they managed to track down two amazing models, get them fitted and we were off.

I’ve never shot in conditions like this, it was so surreal, I didn’t want to edit these photos too much because the more I did, they seemed to lose their magic. Before I started shooting I created a color-accurate custom white balance because I knew my camera would try to auto-correct the orange all around us and turn it grey. So what you’re seeing here is mostly straight out of camera. I hope you enjoy them.