Shooting for O’neill Wine has been great, they have so many different brands with different personalities you can never get bored. In this last shoot I focused on “Brandy Lab” a retro-futuristic brand steeped in heritage and distilled with love. The still they use to make the brandy was once used to create Jet Fuel back in World War 2 and it’s a copper piece of Art that scales up to three stories in their facility. Getting to talk with the brandy maker and seeing the processes they go through to make this truly unique spirit was a treat. I’m always such a nerd for the “how’s it made” podcasts and youtube shows. I can’t wait to see what brand I get to shoot for O’neill next.

Brandy in spirit house sitting on a pallet
Brandy in front of machine that is for distilling
Head Distiller standing in front of Still for Brandy Lab
Brandy in front of still