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Neff Headwear First Shoot

Earlier this past week, I was contacted by the guys at Neff Headwear to see if I was interested in doing a shoot for them. I have been trying to get in with them for over the past 2 months so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to show them what I got. Thanks to some amazing friends I was able to pull off a very successful shoot, and I’ve been going to their warehouse shooting product all this week.

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Curve Correct

Product Shots for a new customer at Curve Correct

Product image for Curve Correct


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I Don’t Usually Shoot Weddings…But When I Do

I don’t usually shoot weddings anymore, but if I find anyone half as rad as Gaby and Aaron I’ll definitely consider it. Their love was so authentic and heart touching I had to stop myself from choking up at there wedding several times during their ceremony. They were one of the coolest most relaxed couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting and I wish them the best of luck in their future. I couldn’t have done it without my kick ass assistant Alex Warschauer.


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Ashley Rose: Graphic Designer

Ashley Rose is not just any graphic designer, she designed the logo you see on my site! While in the Bay Area a few weeks ago I approached her with more design work I needed, and she said she needed new photos for her site. So like people in the creative world like to do, we traded. We tried 3 distinctive different set ups in a short amount of time. Here’s  a couple from the shoot.

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